Amada Dolls


The word "Amada" has Latin origins and means "Beloved". Each and every Amada Doll is lovingly designed and handcrafted in Australia by Vassi Miliotis.

Vassi works from her home studio in Sydney while raising her three children with her husband. 

As a young child, Vassi would watch her mother and aunt sew. Her eagerness to learn the craft continued well into her teens and adulthood. Amada Dolls is a culmination of many years of sewing, hand stitching, designing, sketching, painting, experimenting and creating.

It's a lifelong dream that came to fruition after Vassi's youngest child, Mia, started school. Mia's love of beautiful unique dolls inspired Vassi to create a line of heirloom beauties that little and big girls alike, could treasure and keep forever - serving as a nostalgic reminder of that magical time in a little girl's life when their imagination takes flight and dreams are forged.

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